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Windows Xp Crystal 2008

Xp Crys 2008 | 639 MB | RS

1-All latest hotfixes integrated till this moment
2-More speed while browsing internet and network computers
3-New programs has been added with the latest versions
4-More useful registry tweaks
5-Faster connection speed has been unlocked
6-Annoying windows error message has been disabled
7-windows file protection has been disabled
8-New beautiful background wallpapers
9-New style icons and themes
10-Transparent glass aero
11-New boot screen and logon screen
and much more



Aston 1.9.6











 Aston is a new Desktop and Shell replacement for Windows 9X/ME/NT/2K/XP. It replaces the standard Windows Desktop and provides you with a host of new features, such as Sidebars, clock, weather monitor, animated buttons, transparency effects and much more. Aston also supports Themes, which allow you to change its appearance and functionality according to your mood and needs. No matter what visual style you like: XP, Aqua or something else; you can always download hundreds of Themes, created by professional designers or amateurs from Aston's homepage or one of numerous other skin sites. Aston features a powerful and user friendly interface, which lets you change your new desktop's appearance and behavior in few seconds. No need to learn complicated configuration files, everything can be configured in a simple graphical interface. A great balance between performance and appearance allows you to launch Aston even on out of the date PCs or its enjoy many advanced features on more modern computers. Aston is very stable and has a small memory footprint and low CPU usage, so you can free your processor time for other tasks.Too much is never enoughAston looks similar to the desktop you're already familiar with, but its components offer more functionality:Toolbars ((side panels on the left and right sides of the screen) give you easy access to the most needed documents, applications and web links. Multistate Taskbar buttons let you know exactly if a certain window is active or minimized, they also adapt to the width of the Taskbar and are thus easier to manage: no precious screen space is wasted. Aston Quick launch can be as small as a single button: easy access to your shortcuts without turning the Taskbar into a garbage dump. You can hide and restore System Tray icons with a single click or keystroke. This feature even works under Windows 98/Me/2K. Keep your Desktop clean: use the Panel plug-in to organize your files without turning the desktop into a dumping ground. Desktop icons can have any size, any form (thanks to alpha-blending) and can be animated as well. Get rid of regular limitations. Aston Disks and Trash Can let you visually monitor their fill states A built-in Hotkey Manager makes your work with Aston even more pleasant and effective. Much more... just install Aston and find it yourself.Fast, solid and powerfulWe've spent a lot of time polishing Aston in order to make sure it runs as fast as possible. No matter if you have a five year old PC or a powerful high-end system, Aston is always the right choice. Aston, running with its most feature packed eye candy Themes usually consumes about half the RAM that the Windows XP desktop needs and gives you much more in return. Aston is known to be one of the most stable Windows shells ever. It's even far more solid than the Windows 98/Me shell.Do you need an additional clock on your desktop? Or maybe a weather forecast? No problems! Just activate additional Aston plugins and enjoy. Plugin files are small to download and only require seconds to install. You can tweak any parameter of your Aston desktop using a simple GUI interface: no need to read complicated manuals every time.Ordinary Windows Themes make only few changes to the look of your system. Windows XP Visual Styles just decorate it a little. With Aston you'll get a fast, beautiful, reliable and easily controlled desktop and would never wish to switch back.

download Gladiators.Software.Aston.v1.9.6_ENG.Incl.Serial-UNiQUE | 3.3 Mb

Windows XP Unlimited Edition v2 2008










Windows XP Unlimited Edition v2 2008 l 4 GB

Windows XP Unlimited Edition represents an inovation to Windows XP. It is fast, secure and it comes with updated source (until the release date), drivers(a wide collection of drivers is included, so you won't need to install not even one), regtweaks, applications, shell extensions and many more.Features All Post-SP2 Updates are included All common drivers included( CPU, Chipset, Graphics, LAN, Sound, WLAN, MassStorage, Modem, Monitor, TV-Tuner, Scanner, Broadband, USB, Webcam, Additions, Input, Misc, Virtual). You will need to install only Printer drivers, if you have one Control Panel extensions ( for better use and accesibility) for common daily activities Registry tweaks for performance New right-click options, especially for end-users A huge collection of applications, which cover the needs of all type of users CPanel (created by me), so you will choose which visual apps to apply. It runs with startup Vista applications (Vista Movie Maker, Vista Sidebar, Vista Photo Gallery, Vista Paint, Notepad, Calculator, etc) Runtimes for end users (this includes all .NET Framework applications) DirectX 9.0c Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11 Patched Icons, BootSkin, LogonScreen, TaskManager All bugs reported to the previous version were fixedThe Unique Vista Interface  Full Transparency supported Full StartMenu orb Fully functional transparent StartMenu Flip-3D (Default keys to switch between apps are : Alt+Tab) Sidebar (the *.gadget files are supported now) Clock Media Center(Nero Home) Transparent notification pop-up Calendar Multiple Desktops (Default keys to switch between desktops : Ctrl+Shift+Alt) Working AdressBar and Search (You have to enable this by yourself. Look in the manual.) Transparent Dock For slow computers, Vista-like msstyle theme And many more...Minimum Requirements 192 MB of RAM (256 or more for Vista-Like theme) 5 GB Hard-Disk Space 32 MB Video Card (or more for some other Vista-like visual customization) 400 Mhz ProcessorInstallation Burn the ISO, after extraction (using any extractor you want), on a DVD. Then it's up to you which installation method you would like to use. Installtion is fully automated (with the exception of attended one). No activation is required. This is built on Corporate Edition of Windows XP SP2.  Both "New Installation" and "Upgrade" one are supported. And attended and unattended as well.


Make your copy of Windows XP 100% Genuine

Make your copy of Windows XP 100% Genuine in 2 seconds !!! RS mirrors | 10% recovery record | ~ 1.28MB | 2008Here are the tools to change your product key, and a working key (it will continue working as it’s used by students / teachers learning to install windows / software - so they expect it to go up and down like crazy!!)No more cracks ever needed !1) Either use keyfinder.exe or port_rockxp_v4.exe to change the key to the one in the txt file.This process has been tested (and has been running without incident) for 3 months now. All validation checks are passed.P.S: One word of warning; some antivirus programs will detect keyfinder.exe as a malware.It isn’t is this case; it’s the program that allows you change your key (something mcft doesn’t want you doing).For those who don’t trust that, I’ve also included rock_xp that allow you change the key too and virus programsdo not detect this a malware.2) Or you can use the magic regfile so in only one click your copy of Windows XP will be 100% Genuine1- run regifile …..without restart go to Mcft .be sure of your genuine copy if still not believe by using “Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool.exe”2- Now Download and Install All Mcft Softs ( IE7 , WMP11 , Windows Defender … ) without any Problem as a Genuine XP User !!( I have tested and verify this file myself on my computer and i could do all the necessary updates from Microsoft itself )

Download link


Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Blue Edition [Spanish-English]

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Blue Edition [Spanish-English]Windows | 5 x 100mb + 1 x 30mb | RapidShare | MegaUpload | FileFactorySpanish Language PackWindows | 3 x 100mb + 1 x 36mb | RapidShare | MegaUpload | FileFactoryEsta versión nunca estuvo disponible para el publico en general, sino unicamente para los equipos de diseñadores de microsoft.Las principales caracteristicas:- Única versión que no necesita de serial de instalación- No necesita activación- Fácil de instalar y completamente funcionalIncluye:Microsoft Office Access 2007Microsoft Office Excel 2007Microsoft Office Groove 2007Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007Microsoft Office OneNote 2007Microsoft Office Outlook 2007Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007Microsoft Office Publisher 2007Microsoft Office Word 2007Spanish Language Pack:* Microsoft Office 2007 Language Pack Spanish* Microsoft Office Project 2007 Language Pack Spanish* Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Language Pack SpanishOffice 2007 Enterprise Blue Edition

*Links Intercambiables*Rapidshare: html html html html html


part5 missing

Spanish Language Pack *Links Intercambiables* :Rapidshare:



Av!ra Ant!V!r Pers0nalEd!t!0n Prem!um 2008 v7.06.00.308

The best Anti-virus ever !!Viruses, worms, Trojans as well as unlimited adware and spyware programs give a rough time to computer users and recently also to users of PDAs and mobiles. Therefore a reliable protection is important

Av!ra Ant!V!r Pers0nalEd!t!0n Prem!um enhances the comprehensive protection of the Av!ra Ant!V!r Pers0nalEd!t!0n Classic (freeware) by important security and comfort functions and hence makes your life yet safer and handier.



Your advantages:

-- Security package with virus scanner, AntiAdware, AntiSpyware, AntiDialer,

email protection (POP3) and AntiPhishing.
-- Very easy to install
-- One click configuration with individual selection between standard and expert configuration
-- Extremely high performance and detection capacity by using the latest standards (AHeAD technology)
-- Extremely small program and signature updates make sure

that the protection against attackers is always up-to-date
-- Rootkit protection
-- Virus check of every file and archive access
-- Protection of active processes against undesired breakups
-- Also available as a family license for 3 PCs

(for Windows 2000, XP, XP 64 Bit, Vista 32 Bit and 64 Bit)  

Download link


PassWord: yassine