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Le Livre des pénétrations métaphysiques

Le Livre des pénétrations métaphysiques de Henry CorbinDjvu

| 260 pages | Verdier | ISBN: 2864320703 | 2.6 Mb | French










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Explaining the brain

Explaining the Brain

By Carl F. Craver | 2007-07-13 | 272 pages | PDF | 1.8 Mb

What distinguishes good explanations in neuroscience from bad? Carl F. Craver constructs and defends standards for evaluating neuroscientific explanations that are grounded in a systematic view of what neuroscientific explanations are: descriptions of multilevel mechanisms. In developing this approach, he draws on a wide range of examples in the history of neuroscience (e.g. Hodgkin and Huxleys model of the action potential and LTP as a putative explanation for different kinds of memory), as well as recent philosophical work on the nature of scientific explanation. Readers in neuroscience, psychology, the philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of science will find much to provoke and stimulate them in this book.

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Quotidiens 04 Janvier 2008

Quotidiens 04 Janvier 2008Le Monde 04 Janvier 2008 Le Parisien 04 Janvier 2008Les Echos 04 Janvier 2008 Le Equipe 04 Janvier 2008 France Football 04 Janvier 2008PDF | French | max. 31,07 MB

Quotidiens 04 Janvier 2008 

 Le Monde 04 Janvier 2008

     Le Parisien 04 Janvier 2008

        Les Echos 04 et 05 Janvier 2008

       France Football 04 Janvier 2008

Encyclopédie des plantes medicinales



Djvu | 333 pages | Larousse | ISBN:2035602521 | 26.8 Mo | French





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Investir 02/02/2008

PDF | French | Finance | 6.25 MB |

Investir est l'hebdomadaire de référence en bourse, il est le seul à avoir les cours de clôture du vendredi à 17h30. Ces recommandations font généralement mouche et surtout ses analyses de stratégie se révèlent pertinentes. Lisez-le pour avoir des nouvelles stratégies ou découvrir de nouvelles valeurs.


Body language



English alive










There are now three separate sections for grammar, function, and
setting chapters. The new layout is more attractive, allowing the student's
eye to travel more easily over the page. Outdated information has been
replaced. In order to provide a better balance with controlled activities such
as fill-ins or dialogs, more discussion questions and open-ended or interactive
activities have been added.

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Learn To Speak English v 8.1 - 4 CD Full








Learn To Speak English v 8.1 - 4 CD Full | 2.11 GB

Learn To Speak English Version 8.1 is a four CD-ROM set containing four courses with over 100 exercises and covering topics such as basics, travel, business, and everyday. Build skills in pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. Using a unique personalized learning system, you will have custom instruction tailored to suit your study needs.Features:* 100+ lessons* Talking dictionary with 10,000+ words* Additional Internet lessons * Pre-assessment test* Adjustable study plan* Progress tracking Program Overview Learn To Speak delivers a program that personalizes your language-learning experience. Learn To Speak’s Personalized Learning Technology (PLT) is a breakthrough learning approach that further enhances an already complete and comprehensive language-learning program. PLT focuses on improving your ability to learn specific areas of interest at your own pace using skill assessment, monitoring, customizable content, and a personalized study plan.Learn To Speak is a comprehensive computer program that builds all-around fluency in a foreign language, from speaking and understanding to reading and writing. This version of Learn To Speak contains progressive courses that place a strong emphasis on building skills through practice and review utilizing extensive lessons, exercises, and drills. Through visual, auditory, and interactive participation, this program provides educational content in an all-encompassing format combining video, audio, textbook, and online instruction. · The Home screen is where you begin your studies. The Tour walks you through and shows you how to get the best use from your Learn To Speak program. The program is designed to help you develop your conversational skills and improve your pronunciation skills. · In Pronunciation, you learn to pronounce vowels, consonants, and vowel and consonant combinations. ·The Basics Course covers the basic words and expressions you need to start speaking immediately. You can practice your pronunciation and speaking skills through simulated conversations with native speakers. · The Extended Courses contain your primary language instruction. The in-depth courses are designed to help you develop your listening comprehension and conversation skills. · Internet Lessons allow you to extend your language learning beyond the scope of this program with additional lessons on World Wide Web site.· The Cultural Movies let you unwind, while you relax and become more familiar with the language and culture you are studying. Learn To Speak also includes the following features to enhance your studies, which are readily accessible at any time throughout the program. · The Progress screen charts your progress and performance in the program and shows which lessons you have successfully completed. · The Customization screen allows you to customize the program to suit your needs.· The Dictionary incorporates all the vocabulary words from the program, including those from the Expanded Vocabulary. · The Grammar screen includes the grammar from all the courses. · Online connects you to your personal Study Plan, the online Study Group, or the Learn To Speak Web site.


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CD 4

The Challenge to Succeed by Jim Rohn





The Challenge to Succeed by Jim Rohn

MP3 | 53 MB | 32 kbps @ 22 khz | mono | 4 hrs - Language: English

This program, recorded "live" at Jim's one-day Seminar, involves the student physically, emotionally and mentally. Five inspirational topics guide the participant through self-evaluation and commitment, including: the five major pieces to the life puzzle, the power of personal development, the fundamentals for prosperity and success, how to win the battle of the mind, attitude change and the day that turns your life around.Subjects include:The Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle* How to Fine Tune Thinking Habits* How to Develop an Educated Attitude* Why Success is Doing* Discovering the “Bottom Line”* The Art of Living WellThe Power of Personal Development* How to Become More Than You Are* Attracting More of What You Want* How to Make the Changes to Become More Than Average* How to Be Wealthy and Happy for the Rest of Your Life* Personal Skills to Reach Your PotentialThe Day That Turns Your Life Around* Examine the Incredible Effect of Emotions on Your Life* Turning Your Emotions Into Profit and Activity* An Extraordinary Challenge to Be Successful in All the Dimensions of Your LifeInfoMP3, 53 MB, 32 kbps @ 22 khz, mono, 4 hrs


Books for children in Arabic







Books for children in Arabic

DJVU | Arabic | 186 books | Several authors and editors, no possible classification | 226MB |

مجموعة لا بأس بها من الكتب بالعربية للاطفال تدور حول قصص لجحا و الف ليلة و ليلة وغيرها من قصص الاطفال ثم تجدون كتبا عن الصحابة الكبار و المعارك الاسلامية و العلماء العرب و العجم و عوالم الحيوان و النبات و الاختراعات العلميةHere a great collection of books, for children telling about ordinary children tales, 1001 nights tales, great Sahaba, scientists, animals, plants or scientific discoveries. For your children or for you. Many of these books I read them when I was child, so it's funny to find them today.

password: accatone

New Interchange Series FULL [eBooks + Audio CDs (mp3) and Vedio CDs] | 1.75 GB








New Interchange Series FULL [eBooks + Audio CDs (mp3) and Vedio CDs] | 1.75 GB

Includes: (Student Book + Work Book)New Interchange - INTRONew interchange 1New interchange 2New interchange 3

Size 76.2 MB each

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